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Historic Restoration

The restoration of your home includes plaster or wood as a key component. If you are lucky enough to live in one of New England's older homes, then you can appreciate the pleasure we take in working on the original woodwork and plaster that imbues your home with warmth and character. Your beautifully painted walls deserve to be highlighted by brilliant woodwork and furnishings.

Restoration is an investment in preserving your home's fine history. It means that the professionals at Catchlight Painting won't apply good paint over bad, or ignore problems in previous workmanship. We consider the entire space and that means bringing a passion for our craft to beautifying your home.

Before applying a fresh coat of paint, it's critical to assess the condition of the underlying surface. Here in New England where temperature and humidity vary wildly from season to season, exterior and interior surfaces exhibit a range of troublesome symptoms: peeling, blistering, and alligatoring paint, calcimine delamination, broken plaster keys causing sagging walls and ceilings. The forensics of paint failure fascinates us. Call us the nerds of the painting industry if you will, but we genuinely enjoy the challenge of trouble shooting and problem solving. The lasting success of every painting project hinges on proper surface preparation.

From minor hairline cracks to walls that 'give' to ceilings that are beginning to sag, flat plaster shows its age in a number of ways. Techniques used to restore wood include French Polish for a luxurious shine. Swedish Putty is sometimes used for create flawless finishes. For more information, please see our Problem Solving section.

Your home may be old or new, your project large or small, perplexing or straightforward - at Catchlight we offer a range of services to accommodate every residential painting need. From paint stripping to wall prep, from wallpaper removal to wall paper hanging, our men and women are skillful artistic craftspeople.

Allow Catchlight to provide the expertise you seek with a level of service and professionalism that has become our trademark.