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Lead Paint Safety

In 2010 the Environmental Protection Agency and the Massachusetts Department of Labor Standards implemented regulations aimed at preventing lead poisoning when work is done on houses built prior to 1978 - the year US manufacturers ceased adding lead to house paint.  When older layers of lead based paint are disturbed, the chips and dust created are toxic and can be harmful.  Federal and state Renovation, Repair and Painting rules (RRP rules) apply in instances where six square feet of interior lead based paint or 20 square feet of exterior lead based paint are disturbed. RRP rules establish licensing, record keeping and work-safe practices for building contractors, electricians, plumbers and painters and require these contractors to provide information and a consent form to home owners before beginning work.

Catchlight, Inc. is fully EPA RRP licensed and compliant. Working safely where lead paint is present is achieved by minimizing exposure to lead paint chips and dust through proper containment and through cleaning practices. We invest heavily in training our crew and supplying state of the art containment equipment.  All Catchlight foremen are certified to work safely where lead paint is present. Catchlight Painting is NOT a lead abatement contractor and cannot perform abatement work for our clients. Lead abatement requires the permanent removal or encapsulation of lead.

Click the link at left, EPA Renovate Right Brochure, to access the EPA Renovate Right guidelines that may apply to you when work is done to your home.

Click the EPA Pre-Renovation Form if your project requires proof that you have received and reviewed this important information provided in the EPA’s RRP brochure. Your signed form, if required, must be returned to the Catchlight office before work may begin.

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