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The beauty and durability of a paint finish is determined by the ingredients that go into it, with look and performance varying substantially from one brand to the next. Paints that do not release pigment when wiped clean, or fade from exposure to sunlight, simply cost a bit extra. Quality pigments in turn produce hues with greater depth and dimension. 

Professional paints also include ingredients that improve application and workability. This allows painters to work with, not against, the product they apply. Smooth even coverage speaks for it self. When planning an interior or exterior project we advise that you resist the temptation to purchase “box store” paints; there is simply no comparison or long term savings.

Catchlight recommends paints that are made by the following companies::

Noteworthy improvements have been made to paint in recent years. Contrast Lead based products used in U.S homes through the late 1970’s with today’s low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) formularies, and the difference in their effect on occupant health and the environment is striking.
Low VOC paints - often referred to as "green" paints - off gas little if at all, so do not adversely effect the air quality in your home. Noxious odors, dizziness and headaches are no longer a given when painting indoors.  Interior painting is now possible year round - with winter an ideal time for Catchlight to focus full attention on scheduling interior projects.


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